This greeting card is a variation of "Gift Package" made by Mashahiro Chatani.
You can find it in his book "PaperMagic, Pop-up Paper Craft"

To make this card you need:

* One sheet of thick paper, to print the pattern.
* One sheet of colored paper, to print the bow pattern.
* One sheet of sturdy card (cardboard) for the backing sheet.


1.- Print the gift  pattern.          
2.- Print the bow pattern.
3.- Score along the folding lines.
4.- Cut along the cutting lines with a cutting knife.
5.- Place the cut-out ribbon on the gift pattern and glue them together.
6.- Fold and crease.   
7.- Glue the  card symmetrically to the backing sheet.
*   See the card I made.

Use actual side of the pattern as the back of the card. The pattern pops up on the reverse side.
Mountain-fold and Valley-fold lines will be reversed in the diagram so they cannot be seen on front